Background Information:

As a homeschool mom of almost 20 years, Leah Simpson is an organized whirlwind of activity. She provides training not only for her five children, but advises other homeschool families as well.  Leah earned a degree in public speaking and before children held positions in education, broadcast sales, and local government.  As children arrived, Leah put her life skills to work in teaching her own children.

While some may approach home schooling as a part time endeavor, or with little push toward excellence, Leah is quite the opposite.  She uses her organizational skills to run a well-oiled educational machine in her own home.

Leading a field trip group for six years, serving as a director for Classical Conversations Foundations for seven years, teaching IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) classes for five years, organizing and co-teaching Omnibus for four years offered front row experience in nurturing today’s youth.  While excellence in academics governs many of her decisions, cultivating her children’s personal relationship with God dominates her planning.  As a second generation homeschooler she mimics many of the profitable experiences of her childhood.

With five children whose ages range from 12-21 years old, she schools with both traditional and classical concepts.  Ideas vary from how to occupy preschoolers while schooling their older siblings, car school, customized education plans for each child, organizing the house cleaning, to Legos and knitting during reading time.

Additional Information:

Passionate to share the Gospel with many unreached people, Leah’s parents, Bob & Aloha Vance, traveled to the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies in 1966.  Since this island offered no formal schools, Leah’s mom tutored or home schooled her children.  A private school back in the United States graciously provided each year of curriculum as needed.  Later her family resided in South Carolina and Hawaii.  Although she attended a private school while in the U.S., her time on the mission field allowed her to benefit from personalized schooling.  Long before the word “home school” was coined, she benefited from a customized approach to her education.  Although she experienced private, public and home schooling…. She favored her experiences as a home schooler.

Some advantages included extra time to indulge in reading, photography lab work in town, and opportunities to assist in children work.



Have a Passion for Your Family.


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Domestic Engineer

I've done it all from scrubbing toilets to changing the worst diapers you could ever imagine.  I've held sick babies all night long praying that God would ease their distress.  Ever been through an airport with 5 kids in tow?  Try planning that adventure from an office overlooking Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  Despite all of the challenges that motherhood presents, I wouldn't change anything.  God has blessed and taught me many wonderful truths in the process.  


  • Love
  • Hard Work
  • Fortitude to Succeed
  • Time to be Thankful


While I learned much in college, earning a degree in Public Speaking; I was very fortunate to have a mother who taught me the life skills I employ today with my family.  


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