Go For It!

Skydiving (2).jpg

Since I have always been one for adventure, the seriousness of the day to day of mothering and domestic chores prompted me to jump out of an airplane.  The truth is, I have always wanted to hang glide. My husband, who has been a licensed pilot since age 16, understands the urge to “fly”.  However, he does not share my interest in hang gliding or jumping out of an airplane. 

Add homeschooling five kids to all of the other responsibilities that are begging for my time, and one might imagine the appeal of doing something completely unexpected. It all started when I mentioned that I might like to skydive suddenly.  One day my husband took me seriously and bought a skydiving certificate  at an auction.  I was committed now.  The day for the jump arrived.  Strangely, I was torn between just really loving every minute of the jump and wanting to back out.  While I am not necessarily a courageous person, I am not one to quit.

The jump was better than expected. I landed safely.  Surprisingly the drop of 10,000 feet in one minute did not include any G-force.  My favorite part:  Once the parachute deployed, I enjoyed the feel of floating to the ground.  Would I do it again? Yes!! Sign me up! 

Currently, I am shopping for a wetsuit for a surfing opportunity!!

You may feel so overwhelmed at times that you just need to get out of the house and go skydiving!  Go for it!  For the full effect, watch the video.