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Some time ago, my husband suggested that I write a blog. While I appreciated his confidence in me, I couldn't imagine when I would write. With five children to home school, a house to keep and a myriad of accompanying responsibilities to complete, I promptly dismissed the idea. However, my husband pursued this proposal incessantly because he felt I could be an encouragement to other women. 

Daily Replenishment 

I do love to write. I do love to read. I do love to inspire. So, as a wanderer on this God-breathed world, I meditate on how I can share nuggets of the truths I have learned. Since I fell in love with Jesus as a four year old girl, I catch glimpses of Him all around. His soft wooing, His gentle pursuit and His benevolent gestures toward me daily replenish my soul.

Since the bulk of my hours involve mothering, schooling and domestic responsibilities, my aim is to live the daily routine with His truths applied. This is a journey.

Reading together

One of my fondest activities includes reading to my children. While they all read independently now, we still spend hours around the fireplace or on a car trip reading out loud together. Sometime we read from books while other times we listen to audio books. Tonight, Ben Carson’s Big Picture mesmerized all of us as we heard his story of triumph and “can do” attitude. This habit of reading out loud together started before the children were born. Reading together is like taking a vacation together. We have shared memories.

Owl Babies

When they were quite young, all five children would pile up on my yellow chair to read books. Often they would pick out the books they wanted read and bring them to our yellow chair. One of our most loved books became Owl Babies. This relatively unknown children’s book holds particular endearment for us. Since there were three owl babies and three babies of mine when I started reading this book, I changed the names of the owl babies to match my “babies.” Thus began the reading of how three distinctively different owl babies searched for their missing owl mother. In the end, they pile back in the nest relieved to have their mother back. The especially timid one piped up with new-found confidence declaring that she always knew her mommy would come back.  This simple yet sweet story proved special because the children loved to hear their own names in the story along with its happy ending.

So as I contemplated a title for this blog and its intended journey, I immediately thought of this little story and the charm of the nest. The room with my yellow chair has often made me feel as if I am all alone in my little nest with my babies. Thus Nurturing My Nest seems the most fitting title for the countless ideas planned for this blog.

What is Nurture?

According to my dictionary, nurturing means to care for, to bring up, to tend, to rear, to support, to cultivate, to grow, to tend, to encourage, to promote, to stimulate, to boost, to strengthen, to fuel, and to educate. Imagine all of these actions being carried out in our homes. My deepest desire as a mom is to nurture. Nurturing my home starts with cultivating my spiritual relationship with God. Nurturing my home emphasizes the relationship with my husband. (He LOVES being nurtured!) Nurturing my home also focuses on the needs of my children. This tending to of my home means an ongoing effort to develop my domestic skills. My mom started me off strong, but growth and efficiency continue. My best ideas come from networking with other moms who are both older and younger than me. So join me on this quest to nurture our nests.

My sweet baby

My sweet baby

As each day offers a fresh start, a renewed opportunity and a host of moments to nurture YOUR nest, my prayer is that this place will encourage a lighter step, and inspire creativity with newfound joy.

In the months ahead, readers may expect thoughts on our faith journey, mothering, home schooling, domestic duties, money saving, family and more. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the common thread throughout these blog posts, videos and resources.  Daily living is a faith journey as I pursue the goal of pleasing God through holy living. This search for truth and wisdom applies itself in everyday moments. Moments that require patience, a soft response and Godly reply instead of my natural  reaction. Think of these blogs as a chat with a friend over a perfect cup of coffee. Share your thoughts. We are all on this adventure together.


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