Book Excerpt: WHY Homeschool?

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WHY Homeschool?

The true answer to this question is that all kinds of people choose to homeschool for a wide variety of reasons. Everyone from lawyers to plumbers to teachers to doctors to pilots select home education for their child. While the reasons are widely varied, here are a few of the popular reasons:
  1. My primary reason to homeschool is because I feel called to educate our children at home. This lifestyle offers the best schedule for us to teach our children both academically and spiritually. Because we desire to disciple our children, we resolved to infuse God’s truth into all subjects, all learning opportunities and our everyday living.
  2. Homeschooling offers each child a custom built education. For those who are advanced, they may opt out of work based on proficiency tests. This schooling option allows them to work ahead giving them time for pursuing their own interests as well as slow down when they need more time to be proficient in a problem area.
  3. Parents desire more for their child than the traditional school route offers their student. For example, a bright child may need more than a classroom setting allows. Or a child with a unique challenge may need more one on one or therapy.
  4. It takes less time to homeschool than to drive and pick up three kids from three different schools. This is no joke. Ask a mom who is driving three children in different directions.
  5. Moms have more time to be moms if they aren’t just the driver, cook and homework helper. There is more time for eating together, games and outdoors.
  6. Keep the best hours of the day. When kids attend a traditional school, they are away from home for the early part of the day when they are rested and happy.
  7. Music abilities excel because practice can occur in the morning hours when kids are more alert. Bible, math and music grab the best parts of the day for musical skills.
  8. Kids pursue their own interests in academics and play. Time is available to do crafts, build forts, establish a garden, learn a new instrument, compose a song on the piano, host a party, construct their own quilt, assemble a Lego creation, ride through the mud, expand their business, bake a batch of cookies, or play with the new puppy.
  9. Work on attitudes and character throughout the day, not just after school hours.
  10. Save money. While being a homeschool mom means a one income household, the savings cannot be minimized. No childcare costs. No tuition. No uniforms. No lunches out. No work clothes. No sizable gas bills. 
  11. Socialize your kids with the people of your choosing. I still find it humorous that people are asking if I worry about my kids being socialized. Actually, I pick who they are socialized with in most instances. They enjoy the company and conversation of adults of all ages as well as peers.
  12. Sleep. Everybody acquires more sleep! When participating in a tournament, we decide to sleep more when we come home. Sometimes after a particularly busy period, we take a sabbatical which emphasizes rest and relaxation. 
  13. Education is not only academic. Being at home more allows added time to teach domestic skills such as housework and yard work.
  14. Time. Homeschooling creates additional time to be a family and build relationships. This concept is idealistic, but it is one of my overall goals or dreams in choosing to school at home.

Determine YOUR reasons.

Write them down.

Personalize your "WHY."


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