Memory Making - Doing Life Together

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Memory Making - Doing Life Together

Transitioning into the spring and summer months encourage outdoor living and opportunities to invite others into our home. When the focus is on serving instead of being self-conscience or striving to impress others, the stress of hospitality evaporates. Serving and ministering to others transforms the giver even more than the recipient. Whether creating a happier home for your family or serving others, our home should be a place where doing life together creates wonderful memories. When considering ways to nurture in your home, few habits are more impactful than hospitality habits. 

Warm-heartedness creates a hum in the home. Remember that those who live in your home are the people that you are doing life with right now. 

Indulge in the rhythms of the seasons, of celebrations, of traditions, of birthdays, of graduations and of just regular days. 

Aim to sit together for meals. 

Take road trips for the fun of it, to make memories and soak in long interrupted hours for talking. 

Create a memory box for each family member saving memorabilia honoring them. 

Make every birthday a birthday week or month.

Listen to books together.

Tell each other about what you are reading as if you have your own family book club.

Read books out loud together.

Help each other get to where they are going on time.

Make an extra sandwich if you know someone is going to need a lunch.

Practice technology free meals as well as creating conversation spaces.

Try international foods together. (I taught everyone how to make sushi this past Thanksgiving Day. Why? Because I could. Everyone loved it. I might have started a new tradition.) 

Celebrate snow days. Take pictures. Go sledding. Ride a huge cardboard box down the best hill in the neighborhood. 

Sit by the fire.

Make hot chocolate.

Take Sabbaticals. Rest together. Worship together.

Read Scripture out loud together. Sing together.

Play together.

Volunteer together.

Be loyal always. Speak positive words about your people in public when they are standing near you or when they are absent. It will quickly get back to them when you have spoken well of them to others.

Give Hugs. 

Ask those that live in your home “What makes you feel loved? Cared for? Nurtured? If you are married, ask your husband, “What can I do to help you?” Some time ago when my children were all going to their orthodontist, I remember telling him that on most mornings I ask my husband what I can do for him that day. He almost fell on the floor. This seemed so common to me, but not to him. It made me think that we need to be thoughtful of those we live with. It is not that we should be a doormat or embrace entitlement or encourage a lack of responsibility. Be sensitive to serving others that actually live with us in small and meaningful ways. 

Live your best life so you will hear the hum in your home. Do life together so you will make wonderful memories.