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Literature Rich Classical Education

What if all the subjects that a child studies were integrated with one another?

What if your family created unique memories through life-changing books that developed the whole person that defines your child?

Consider the advantages of pursuing excellence in education on all subjects with the overlay of purposeful reading selections. Consider literature-rich classical education.

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Homeschooling with a Calm Spirit

As I mature, pursuit of a calm and a peaceful spirit transforms me.  Remembering that "the days are long, but the years are short", definitely applies to homeschooling.  Before me sits a child who God gave me to nurture into a Godly man or woman.  Childhood is the bridge between these points.  Every day behind impresses the years ahead.  Sometimes I stand in complete awe at the breadth of life already past in this journey of mothering.  

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Welcome to a Clean Homeschool Room

Create a clean, easy to love homeschool room that will welcome you back to a fresh new start in the fall. 

Nothing is worse than coming into the beginning of something only to find that you need to stop and clean up from what happened earlier.  Waiting until fall could feasibly delay your school year launch and inevitably start everything off behind.  Likewise, stepping into a brand new school year with a clean space that has been gutted and restocked, jumpstarts everyone toward success. While these ideas are not all inclusive, they are helpful!  Many come from working to avoid a delay I experienced in my early years on this journey of educating my children.

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When the Game is Over

As a former rough water lifeguard and eager health enthusiast, I completely support physical exercise being part of growing a whole child.  However, I struggle with the emphasis on sports in today’s youth culture.  Every kid walks away from their chosen sport someday…….then what?  Many coaches and parents fail to identify the lifetime value of sports because they falsely assume they are training the next state champs.  

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Ten Ideas for Organizing Your Homeschool Space

When your space is organized, your determined routine flows smoothly.  Since homeschooling is hard every day, why not make it easier by creating improved function that fits you and your kids.  Devise spaces that generate better results with cheery colors, fun storage and clearly placed school items. Perhaps some of these ideas will help launch your school days into more pleasant, streamlined hours. 

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Raising a Writer

As moms we eagerly work to give our kids the skills they need to be a success in life.  One of the most important abilities we all desire for our child is the ability to communicate effectively. This requires thinking, speaking and writing prowess.  With a few intentional moves, your child can be a phenomenal writer.  Here are few thoughts about bringing your student along from the beginning so that you RAISE a WRITER.

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Book Excerpt: WHY Homeschool?

The true answer to this question is that all kinds of people choose to homeschool for a wide variety of reasons. Everyone from lawyers to plumbers to teachers to doctors to pilots select home education for their child. While the reasons are widely varied, here are a few of the popular reasons:

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Ready For Rest

While I am "intentional" about work, I am equally "intentional" about play. Some may find this humorous. However, just as work is more productive when planned, play is often more fun when planned. Sometimes we plan to do nothing. On days when the weather is perfect, we plan to be ENOing!!

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Homeschool Huddles

Imagine a team in a huddle as the coach or head player builds team spirit and camaraderie. Some of my best ideas seem best implemented with accountability. Long ago the idea of not being able to accomplish an important goal without accountability frustrated me.  Now I think it is a brilliant tool.

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Car School

Car school may be a novel idea to some. Early in my parenting, we started memorizing scripture verses. It seemed easy enough to work on these while we were driving. We moved to listening to audio books, Odyssey stories by Focus on the Family, scripture songs by Steve Green, geography songs, and math songs. Time spent in the car meant purposeful accomplishments.

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