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A Mom's Secrets to a Better Ride

Have you ever calculated the number of hours you spend in your car? If you have children, you might be transporting them back and forth to school daily. Perhaps you are taking them to sports practice and games along with a myriad of other activities. Or do you drive by yourself most of the time? Whatever your situation, your vehicle is almost an extension of your home. Check out this list of ideas for a cleaner, more enjoyable car time with your family.

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Garden Fresh Year-Round

Thinking ahead to cooler days of fall and winter, our family is putting up pureed tomatoes in the freezer.  Comfort food for these seasons include a variety of fresh soup started early in the morning.  On days when we plan to be home all day, I make my coffee, turn the laundry and start soup for the day. Throughout the day we devour soup with homemade bread and fresh salads. Gotta love stay-at-home days.

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Welcome to a Clean Homeschool Room

Create a clean, easy to love homeschool room that will welcome you back to a fresh new start in the fall. 

Nothing is worse than coming into the beginning of something only to find that you need to stop and clean up from what happened earlier.  Waiting until fall could feasibly delay your school year launch and inevitably start everything off behind.  Likewise, stepping into a brand new school year with a clean space that has been gutted and restocked, jumpstarts everyone toward success. While these ideas are not all inclusive, they are helpful!  Many come from working to avoid a delay I experienced in my early years on this journey of educating my children.

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Ten Ideas for Organizing Your Homeschool Space

When your space is organized, your determined routine flows smoothly.  Since homeschooling is hard every day, why not make it easier by creating improved function that fits you and your kids.  Devise spaces that generate better results with cheery colors, fun storage and clearly placed school items. Perhaps some of these ideas will help launch your school days into more pleasant, streamlined hours. 

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Laundry Simplified

Laundry seems to be a burden to so many.  Several moms have asked how our family does laundry.  Perhaps the size of our family leads to the belief that we have a “system”. All I can relate is how laundry works into our schedule. Once a system is in place, prepare to be flexible. Don't complicate a simple task!

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