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Homeschooling with a Calm Spirit

As I mature, pursuit of a calm and a peaceful spirit transforms me.  Remembering that "the days are long, but the years are short", definitely applies to homeschooling.  Before me sits a child who God gave me to nurture into a Godly man or woman.  Childhood is the bridge between these points.  Every day behind impresses the years ahead.  Sometimes I stand in complete awe at the breadth of life already past in this journey of mothering.  

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The Joy of Giving

One of the best things we can teach our children is the joy of giving.  The past two Decembers several of our children served Christmas dinner to some local World War II veterans.  The students listened to their inspiring stories and gifted them with thank you notes.  What a privilege that our children could be exposed to these men who bravely served our country.

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High Hopes & Low Expectations for Christmas

As we enter this new month, I propose a new thinking.  Why not approach this entire season with high hopes and low expectations?  High hopes for a renewed sense of joy, family, spiritual insight, memories, and enjoying the activities of Christmas.  Low expectations of myself being superwoman. Low expectations of my kids being perfect and more well-behaved.  Low expectations for my husband to meet my expectations. Low expectations for others in terms of what they might do for us. Finally, low expectations for next year and how it will be completely different.  When hopes are high and expectations low, it is easier to be delighted and grateful.

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The Value of a Mom

Being a mom is hard work every day. To be entrusted with the life, health and development of a tiny human growing into a mature, reflective and capable adult takes commitment and prayer. A mother’s investment insists on time and energy covered with prayer and hope. If you are a mom look beyond the daily busyness. Look to the future results of each of your everyday activities. Stop to plan. Dream goals. Implement. 

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Five Reasons to Take Your Child On An Overseas Missions Trip

As a mom I intentionally involve my children in opportunities to teach, lead worship, and serve in ministry locally as well as abroad.  True application applies feet to the words in Matthew 28:19-20,  “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you: ....”(NASB)

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