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  • Time-tested curriculum suggestions.
  • How to be eclectic to custom fit your goals.
  • Choose who your children socialize with.
  • Save money by homeschooling.
  • Education is not only academic.
  • Homeschooling adds more family time.
  • Kids have time to learn domestic skills.
  • Find out how to grow your child's relationships with family and friends.
  • Intentionally plan spiritual growth time with your child.
  • Target your child's weaknesses and pursue solutions.
  • Avoid a barrage of testing.
  • Customize the development of your child. 
  • Avoid the herd.
  • Selecting cover schools
  • Creating a mom's club for freezer cooking or a book club.
  • Time management ideas
  • Home management ideas

Determine today that this upcoming school year will be the best ever!  Most successful people agree that each child is multi-faceted.  As you approach the challenge and hard work of each day, think forward to your goals.  Keep the finish line in the forefront of your mind when you are tired, when your desk is calling, when the house needs deep-cleaning, when you yearn for lunch with a friend, when you would love to attend a morning Bible study, when you can’t seem to master that math lessons or a myriad of other desires that pull you away from the task of schooling your child. Be intentional!

Make this your BEST homeschool year ever!

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  • strategize for all parts of your child
  • tips on selecting curriculum
  • ideas for resources such as books, cover schools, support groups, tutorials and private tutors.
  • networking
  • household & time management