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Nurturing My Nest - The Book

I am really just a simple girl blessed beyond words.

As a mother of five beautiful children, a grateful wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a teacher, a servant, and a follower of Jesus Christ… I stand humbled. 

This book is about my journey through parenting intentionally while navigating through the challenges of raising five very unique children.  

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High Hopes & Low Expectations for Christmas

As we enter this new month, I propose a new thinking.  Why not approach this entire season with high hopes and low expectations?  High hopes for a renewed sense of joy, family, spiritual insight, memories, and enjoying the activities of Christmas.  Low expectations of myself being superwoman. Low expectations of my kids being perfect and more well-behaved.  Low expectations for my husband to meet my expectations. Low expectations for others in terms of what they might do for us. Finally, low expectations for next year and how it will be completely different.  When hopes are high and expectations low, it is easier to be delighted and grateful.

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When the Game is Over

As a former rough water lifeguard and eager health enthusiast, I completely support physical exercise being part of growing a whole child.  However, I struggle with the emphasis on sports in today’s youth culture.  Every kid walks away from their chosen sport someday…….then what?  Many coaches and parents fail to identify the lifetime value of sports because they falsely assume they are training the next state champs.  

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Saving Without Scissors - Food Costs

What does your family spend monthly on food?

What motivates you to be a steward of the funds God has provided you?

Due to the financial strain families feel in the current economy, discussions about food costs occur more frequently than ever.   In the last two years, I have been privileged to speak at numerous women’s events on the subject of saving money on groceries. While I do use coupons to significantly impact my grocery shopping, I entitled my speech "Saving Without Scissors".  The following include some of the ideas from my  presentations.

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Raising a Writer

As moms we eagerly work to give our kids the skills they need to be a success in life.  One of the most important abilities we all desire for our child is the ability to communicate effectively. This requires thinking, speaking and writing prowess.  With a few intentional moves, your child can be a phenomenal writer.  Here are few thoughts about bringing your student along from the beginning so that you RAISE a WRITER.

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The Value of a Mom

Being a mom is hard work every day. To be entrusted with the life, health and development of a tiny human growing into a mature, reflective and capable adult takes commitment and prayer. A mother’s investment insists on time and energy covered with prayer and hope. If you are a mom look beyond the daily busyness. Look to the future results of each of your everyday activities. Stop to plan. Dream goals. Implement. 

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Go For It!

Since I have always been one for adventure, the seriousness of the day to day of mothering and domestic chores prompted me to jump out of an airplane.  The truth is, I have always wanted to hang glide. My husband, who has been a licensed pilot since age 17, understands the urge to “fly”.  However, he does not share my interest in hang gliding or jumping out of an airplane. 

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Birth Order

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you and your siblings are so different from each other? Goodness, you grew up in the same family. Shouldn’t you be more like each other? Do you ever wonder as a parent why you can’t ever seem to get along with a certain child, while life is always a breeze with one of your other children?

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Teaching Children Chores

One of the most difficult things in raising a child is training them to be an independent adult. Establish goals that will create autonomy as they mature.  Invest time necessary to train your child to do all domestic jobs they will need to succeed as an adult. Your confidence that they can complete the job will eventually lead to a job completed correctly.

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Welcome Blog

Some time ago, my husband suggested that I write a blog. While I appreciated his confidence in me, I couldn't imagine when I would write. With five children to home school, a house to keep and a myriad of accompanying responsibilities to complete, I promptly dismissed the idea. However, my husband pursued this proposal incessantly because he felt I could be an encouragement to other women. 

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