Bible Resources For Engaging Your Children



AWANA - Join your nearest club!  Catechism for young ones.  Start a club if your church does not have one.  A must for 3 year olds through 6th grade.

Send your junior, senior of college freshman for a 2 week summer camp to Summit.  Or use their Worldview curriculum for a year long look at the world and its thought patterns.  

Clever Bible studies for young ones.  Outstanding inductive studies for all ages.   


My all-around favorite catalog.  We purchase most of our historical fiction from this source.  Their timeline for Bible and history is brilliant.  Love the timeline cards!  Their Omnibus combines history, theology and literature on a fascinating mix through history.  Outstanding integration.

Love the science materials, Bible studies and DVDs.  Their online classes are outstanding!    

Great prices on most anything a homeschool mom or Sunday School teacher would want.

Traditional school products with online classes.

Traditional school products with a more consumer base workbook system versus textbooks.


Make This  Your Best Year Ever!

Take the 90-Day Challenge! We will join together to read the four Gospels in 90 days with the assistance of a series of devotionals from Bellevue Baptist Church Contemporary Worship Pastor Steve Wiggins.

If you would like to take the challenge with us, sign up using the link above!


There's Gotta Be More

How many times have you wondered, "there's gotta be more to this life".  Through a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is more to life here on earth.  Join Donna Gaines as she challenges us to that right relationship with God that will provide the joy that each one of us craves.  




Expose Your Family to Worldwide Missions


Tim Keesee is a personal friend and director of Frontline Missions.  He travels the world showing how the cause of Christ is flourishing, even in the most remote part of the world.  Join him as he chronicles missions trips with his award winning series.